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Abusive Customer PolicyUpdated 4 months ago

Abusive Customer Policy

Our company works very hard to make sure customer orders are shipped safely, quickly, and accurately. It is an unfortunate reality that issues can arise that will require interaction with our customer support team to correct an issue with an order. If a customer is unhappy about an issue they are entitled to express their dissatisfaction, however, we maintain a zero tolerance policy for any abusive, hateful, or threatening conduct. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Offensive or insulting language 
  • Threatening words or behavior either personal or professional  
  • Discriminatory language about a persons race, gender, or sexual orientation 
  • Excessive or abusive use of customer support channels I.e. multiple phone calls, chats, and emails in a short period of time regarding a single issue 

Our company is committed to treating customers in a polite and civilized manner and will always respond in a timely manner to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible in accordance with our published policies and terms of service. However, should a customer violate the Abusive Customer Policy we reserve the right to terminate communication with that individual.

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