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Custom Flat Top Drain Hole PlacementUpdated 4 months ago

Custom Flat Top Drain Hole Placement

It's obvious that custom Flat Tops may differ in appearance from our standard Flat Tops. For example, depending on your stove's design it may be necessary to position the drain holes in a different location to function correctly. 

When we receive a Custom Flat Top order we use the dimensions and photo you provide as a guide when designing your product. When deciding on the drain hole layout we take the following factors into consideration: 

  1. The size and design of the grates on your stove
  2.  The number and size of burners/heating elements on your stove 
  3. The space available for the drip tray on your stove
  4.  The overall size and shape of your Custom Flat Top

 Our goal is to position the drain holes where they are easy to access to simplify cleaning while avoiding the grates on the stove for a clear path to the drip tray below. We must also consider the proximity of the drip tray to the burners/heating elements to make sure it is at a safe distance to prevent accidental heating. 

Every model of stove is unique but after creating Custom Flat Tops for many dozens of different styles we have learned what works best for our product across a wide range of cooktops. 

We've provided some examples below of what to expect on a variety of different stove layouts. If you have questions about your drain layout please contact our customer support team prior to placing your order. Please note that drain hole placement is carefully selected for safe and proper performance using very specific criteria by our design team and the location cannot be customized or modified. It is possible, however, to request no drain holes or drip tray with your custom order. 

Cooking Over Drain Holes

It should be noted that the drain holes CAN be cooked overtop of just like on a regular grill. While it can allow small items like rice to fall through, other food like steak, chicken, bacon, and even vegetables can be cooked over the holes. When the area containing the drain holes are used as a "warming zone" even cooked food like pancakes and eggs can be place right over the top. In this way, the drain holes have a minimal impact on the cooking area. 

Full Size Flat Top on a 6 Burner Stove

 2/3 coverage on a 6 Burner Stove

1/3 coverage on a 6 Burner Stove

 Full Size Flat Top on 5 Burner Stove

 Full Size Flat Top on U Shaped

 Stove 4 Burner Coverage on 5 Burner Stove with Burner to the Side


Flat Top on 4 Burner Gas Stove

Profile Gas Stove 

2/3 Coverage of 5 Burner Profile Gas Stove

On custom Flat Tops for outdoor grills we use the standard drain hole layout shown above so that they remain compatible with the Outdoor Drip Tray regardless of size. On very large Flat Tops we may include 2 sets of drain holes across the front of the Flat Top to make cleaning easier.

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