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Does grease ever run off the front of the Flat Top?Updated 5 months ago

Does grease ever run off the front of the Flat Top?

This is probably the number one question we get, and the simple answer is no. The Flat Tops (excluding the PRO Series) have a unique 5-degree front lip formed as a single piece across the front of the Flat Top with no welding. While subtle, this small lip prevents liquids from flowing off the front while cooking.

The enormous surface area of the Flat Top allows grease to spread very thin instead of pooling up like it would in a smaller skillet or pan. This prevents the grease from flowing freely around the cooking area.

People have asked us why the flat is front in the first place. We did a lot of design work on this product and tried to combine the best parts of a regular skillet and a traditional griddle. Having the flat front promotes airflow to keep food from getting too moist and mushy. It's the magic that makes crispy hash browns so hard from getting soggy in a regular skillet. It also allows for easy access to the food for cooking, flipping, and removing.

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