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Drip Tray doesn't sit underneath drain holes on my stoveUpdated 5 months ago

Drip Tray Doesn't Sit Underneath Drain Holes on my Stove


Some stoves have curved sides that prevent the drip tray from sliding far enough forward to sit beneath the drain holes of the flat top correctly. 


Elevating the drip tray using the 1/2” Spacer allows the drip tray to be positioned further towards the front of the stove so that it will sit below the drain holes as intended. 

1.) Place the 1/2” tall Spacer in the center of the stove as far forward on the flat portion of the stove as possible 

2.) Place the drip tray on top of the 1/2” Spacer and slide it forward so that the drip tray will be positioned beneath the drain holes on the flat top 

3.) Care should be taken not to slide the drip tray too far forward so that it becomes unstable. Aim to keep at least 2/3 of the drip tray on top of the 1/2” spacer.

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