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Drip Tray sits on burner on glass stoveUpdated 5 months ago

Drip Tray Sits on Burner on Glass Stove

The Flat Top Kits configured for glass stoves include a triangle drip tray that is specifically designed to "wedge" between the two front burners on glass stoves. The reason for this different Drip Tray from the standard rectangle shape shipped with kits configured for gas or electric coil stoves is to prevent the Drip Tray from sitting on top of the burners during use. 

If the Drip Tray is allowed to sit on top of the burners on a glass stove the contents can be easily heated to the point of boiling, thus creating a lot of smoke and if allowed to get hot enough it can create a potential fire hazard.

What to do if the Triangle Drip Tray sits on a Burner 

If you have a glass cooktop with an oversized front burner, many of them will have an "inner" and an "outer" heating element that is controlled using the temperature knob. If the Drip Tray is sitting on top of the "outer" section of the burner you should only use the "inner" section of that burner.

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