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Gas burner won't stay litUpdated 5 months ago

Gas Burner Won't Stay Lit

It's important to make sure that all of your gas burners are receiving enough airflow and are staying lit and working properly with the Flat Top installed.

If you're experiencing issues with your gas burners not staying lit there are a couple of things to check. 

First, make sure you leave the grates installed on your gas stove before using the Flat Top. The Flat Top is not designed to sit directly on top of the burners and must be used with the grates in place. 

Check out the video below for proper installation: 

Second, some models of gas stove have low profile grates or burners that are set low that may not receive adequate airflow to keep the flame burning correctly. The first photo highlights a set of grates that have a large gap allowing plenty of airflow beneath the Flat Top to feed the flames. The second photo shows a set of solid, low profile grates that provide very little airflow to the flame that causes the flame to die out on the burners.

If you have a center section of grate that can be removed while using the Flat Top, this is the quickest and easiest solution to provide adequate airflow to the burners during use. 

If these solutions do not solve the issue then please contact us to discuss other options. We have an optional Gas Spacer Kit available for a $10 shipping fee that will elevate the Flat Top 1/2" above the grates that improves airflow on low-profile stoves or stoves that are built into corners or next to cabinets that have limited airflow.  

You can learn more about the Gas Spacer Kit here.

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