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How the Flat Top is madeUpdated 5 months ago

How the Flat Top is Made

We are often asked what kind of steps are involved to make a Flat Top - it's quite a process! 

We special order domestic steel that is certified made in America from a supplier in Kansas City. This is important to us not only because we believe in using as much material as possible sourced from the U.S. but also because the quality is so much better and in our mind, safer too. We cook meals for our families on the same steel that our customers use and it's important to know what is in the steel it's made from. Our suppliers have stringent requirements that are certified while it's hard to know for sure what's actually in the metal that comes from overseas. 

The steel is delivered by truck to our fabricators where the Flat Tops are made. The first step is using a 4KW fiber laser to cut the Flat Tops out of a large 4' x 10' sheet of material that weighs over 300 pounds. Afterwards, the sidewalls of the Flat Top are formed using a 100 ton computer controlled hydraulic press that actually bends the 3/16" steel into the desired shape with incredible accuracy. The final step in fabrication is using a TIG welder to connect the bent pieces into one continuous piece. 

After the initial fabrication the Flat Tops are taken to a media blaster where small abrasives are sprayed at very high speed and volume to clean and smooth the entire surface. 

Once returned to our facility from the media blaster we hand-sand the cooking surface to a smooth finish. We finish by thoroughly washing and drying the Flat Tops before hand oiling each piece before sealing in a zip lock bag for shipment across America, directly to our customer's door. 

From truck drivers to laser operators each Flat Top purchase supports at least 15 American Jobs. 

Thank you for your support! Check out the video below to see behind the scenes...

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