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How to measure for a custom Flat TopUpdated 9 days ago

How to Measure for a Custom Flat Top

The design of your custom Flat Top is based on the dimensions you provide, so it is critical to provide accurate measurements for proper fitment and performance. Do not list the manufacturer's measurements, please take the time to physically measure the stove/grill yourself for accuracy.   

The layout of your custom Flat Top is based on the dimensions of your cooking area. When measuring your stove, please refer to the guide below. Please do not request specific final dimensions of the Flat Top. The actual dimensions of the Flat Top will depend on the style and design of your cooktop to provide correct airflow, heating, etc and may vary from the dimensions you provide.  

The Flat Top comes with 60 degree sides, unless you request 90 degree sides instead. The sides of the Flat Top are 1" tall and we do not adjust the sizing of them.  

**If there is anything that will prevent the Flat Top from fitting correctly, please make a note of that and take that into account when measuring. This could include a vent on the back of the stove, or lid for your grill.   


Due to the machinery used to create Custom Flat Tops, we are limited to an overall size of 36" by 24". If your stove is larger than 36", we do offer different sizes that can cover 2, 4, or 6 burners of your stove (please reference drain hole article for examples). This enables you to cover a portion of your stove, while still having burners available to use with pots and pans, preventing you from removing your entire Flat Top when burners are necessary. Covering only a portion of your burners allows you to have the best of both worlds!  

Gas Stove 

On a square or rectangular stove, please provide the actual maximum width and depth dimensions of the grates on your cooktop as shown below. If you have a gas stove with a non-rectangular design, please provide the maximum width and depth dimensions as shown below when placing your order. After we review the order, one of three things will happen: we will either be able to locate the dimensions of your stove we need online, we may already have a Flat Top design for your stove that we can use from a previous order, or we will send you a drawing requesting additional measurements. If you don't hear from us, don't worry! That just means we have what we need to complete the order. It's only necessary to provide measurements on the square sections of these stove types. We do not design the Flat Tops to cover the odd burners in the corners, plus this leaves it available for boiling water. 

Electric Coil Stovetop 

When measuring for an electric coil stovetop, please provide the maximum width and depth of the cooking area as shown in the photo below: 

Smooth Glass Ceramic Radiant Stovetop 

When measuring for a glass stovetop, please provide the maximum width and depth of the cooking area as shown in the photo below: 

Outdoor Grill 

When measuring for an outdoor grill, please provide the width and depth of the cooking grates as shown in the photo below. If you are unsure of the exact measurement, it is best to round down instead of rounding up. A small amount can make a big difference when it comes to fitment. 

The Flat Top is designed to sit on top of the existing grill grates for quick and easy transition between grilling on the grates and to allow for proper airflow to the burners (or charcoal) below. To create the necessary air flow around the Flat Top during use, we size the Flat Top to allow a 1/4" gap on all sides. 

For safety reasons, we will not design the Flat Top to replace the grates of a grill. This can cause an unsafe build-up of gas underneath, possibly resulting in a very dangerous situation. 

***Please include any necessary information regarding tabs or a lip surrounding the lid or grill that may interfere with the placement of the Custom Flat Top or that may prevent the lid from fully closing. 

The Flat Top sits up about 1 1/8" above the grates, so will need at least that much clearance. 

If you have any questions about how to measure your stove, please contact us before placing the order and include a photo of your cooktop and we'll be happy to assist!

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