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How to photograph your stove for a Custom Flat Top/Fitment CheckerUpdated 5 months ago

How to Photograph Your Stove for a Custom Flat Top/Fitment Checker

What to do: When submitting a photo for a Custom Flat Top or for our Fitment Checker, it is very important that we have a clear photograph of your stove/grill so that we can ensure we see everything we need. Please include a clear top down photo of your stove. This can be achieved by holding your phone or camera directly above your stove and pointing it downwards. The picture should look similar to this: 

It is extremely important for us to be able to see your burner and grate layouts so when designing a Custom Flat Top, we can ensure that the drain holes do not line up directly with your grates. The burner layout allows us to ensure we are sending you the correct drip tray. 

If your stove has a griddle, please remove it so that we can see underneath, as this helps with our design work.  

When photographing an outdoor grill, please leave the grates in place and take the picture directly from on top of the grill, leaving the lid open, so the grates are exposed.  

What not to do: 

The following are examples of pictures that are incorrect and will not help us determine the proper product for you, or how your Custom Flat Top needs to be designed. Pictures like these will likely result in a delay of your order as we will have to contact you for a better picture. 

 This stove, without grates, will not allow us to determine where the drain holes need to go. 

This stove with the griddle in place doesn't allow us to see what is underneath it, which does not allow us to determine what will work best for your stove. 

This picture does not allow us to see the grate or burner layout, resulting in us not being able to create drain holes that will line up properly or to determine which product will work best.

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