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I have a smooth glass ceramic stove - will the Flat Top work on it?Updated 5 months ago

I Have a Smooth Glass Ceramic Stove - Will the Flat Top Work on it?

The Steelmade Flat Top is compatible with radiant heat glass ceramic cooktops but will not work with the newer induction style stoves. The Flat Top is made from ferrous (magnetic) steel so they're made from the right material to work with induction stoves. However, our Spacer Kit for glass cooktops raises the Flat Top off the surface of the glass 1/2" to allow for an air gap for circulation to prevent overheating the electronics in the stove. Most induction stoves require the metal to be in direct contact with the glass to be detected by the stove to turn the burners on. Because of the 1/2" gap the stove doesn't know to turn on to heat the Flat Top properly. 

How to tell what kind of glass stove you have 

Radiant cooktops have heating elements embedded below the smooth glass surface that feel hot to the touch and will glow red when activated as they heat up. These are the kind of stoves the Flat Top is designed to work on.

 Induction cooktops have a similar appearance but do not radiate any heat on their own. They use magnetics to create an electromagnetic field that interacts with the pot or pan directly making it the source of the actual heat to cook the food. Induction cooktops do not create any heat themselves so food will not burn when placed over the cooking area.

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