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PRO Series Cosmetic BlemishesUpdated 5 months ago

PRO Series Cosmetic Blemishes

We use 2 types of steel in the manufacturing of our products:

3/16" steel sheets for our original Flat Top, Junior Flat Top, and Slim Flat Top.

3/8" steel plate for the PRO Series Flat Top.

The processing and handling of sheet and plate metal from the steel mills differ significantly and result in very different surface finishes. Steel plate like the 3/8" material used in our PRO Series Flat Tops are typically used in heavy duty construction like in the building of dump truck beds. Because of this, the surface of the steel is much rougher from the mill before we begin fabricating our Flat Tops. In fact, our PRO Series Flat Tops very closely resemble cast iron rather than the smoother steel sheet used on our other Flat Tops.

Each Flat Top goes through a rigorous process of inspection, grinding, media-blasting, washing, and oiling to ensure that you are receiving the most aesthetically pleasing piece of steel that can be produced. However, even the best PRO Series Flat Tops may have a pit, scratch, or surface mark on them. This will not affect the performance of the cooking surface in any way and may even become completely invisible after you have completed seasoning your Flat Top!

If you believe that you've received a PRO Series that has more than just a cosmetic nick or scratch in it, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected] and they will be happy to help you out!

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