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Repairing Damage To Cover BoardUpdated 5 months ago

Repairing Damage To Cover Board

During use, your Cover Board can possibly be damaged by knives, impact, or neglect (lack of oil) which can lead to dents, dings, and even seams that are starting to pull apart. 

Luckily the steps below are quick and simple and do not require any special skills or tools. 

What You'll Need: 

  1. Razor Blade (or your finger!) 
  2. Food-Safe Wood Glue
  3.  Fine Grit Sandpaper

Step 1: Make sure the area to be repaired is clean and dry 

Step 2: Fill the crack or void with Wood Glue. It's ok to over-fill the void - you'll address this later.

 Step 3: Drag the Razor Blade or your finger over the top of the repair area to spread and flatten the Wood Glue. Move in the direction of the wood grain for best results.  

Step 4: While the glue is still wet, sand and patch lightly until smooth.

Step 5: Apply Wood Oil to entire board.

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