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Surface Mark vs. ScratchUpdated 5 months ago

Surface Mark vs. Scratch

Our team is trained to differentiate between "scratches" and "surface marks" during fabrication and shipping of our steel products.

We define "scratches" as anything you can get a fingernail to catch on and are quite rare and should be pulled from our inventory before shipping. It's an unfortunate reality in manufacturing and shipping a heavy steel product like the Flat Top that "surface marks" will invariably occur during normal, careful handling and stacking. "Surface marks" are light cosmetic imperfections that have no impact on the performance of the Flat Top are allowed to ship and will be hidden entirely by the seasoning process on the Flat Top once in use.

If you think that what you're dealing with is a scratch we will of course ship you a replacement immediately. Just send a photo of the issue to our customer support team for verification. While a scratch really doesn't affect any aspect of cooking on the Flat Top, we certainly don't expect you to have to deal with a scratch out of the box. Just let us know and we will get you taken care of quickly!

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