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Using The Optional Gas Spacer KitUpdated 5 months ago

Using the Optional Gas Spacer Kit

If your gas stovetop has low profile grates like those shown here or your stovetop is built into a corner or between cabinets you may experience an issue where the airflow is restricted while using the Flat Top that prevents proper ignition of the gas burners. We have a simple Gas Spacer Kit that we provide that elevates the Flat Top 1/2" above the grates that allows for increased airflow to address this issue. 

This set of spacers are made from high-quality stainless steel making them extremely durable and dishwasher safe. The spacers are placed directly on top of the stove between the grates and the bottom of the Flat Top to create a larger air gap to allow for adequate air circulation to the gas burners. Care should be taken not to place the spacers directly above the flame from the burner. Distribute the spacers evenly across the surface of the grates to create a stable platform for the Flat Top. The flat side of the spacers should be placed on top of the grate with the bent sides pointing up. 

If your stove is experiencing these issues please contact our support team to request the Gas Spacer Kit. We will send this to you upon request for a $10 shipping fee.

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