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How do I redeem my Rewards Points on my order?Updated 5 months ago

How do I redeem my Rewards Points on my order?

Our Rewards Program provides customers an easy and automatic way to create an account and earn points by posting reviews, referring friends, and making purchases on our website. Once you've earned enough points to claim a reward, you can use the following steps to get your discount code to use on your next order. 

Click on the "Rewards Program" button at the bottom left of the screen and log into your account using your email and password.


Click on the "My Rewards" tab 

This screen will show all of the rewards available through the program. The rewards you have not yet earned enough points for will be grayed out while the rewards that are available for you to redeem can be clicked on. Once you click on the reward you wish to redeem you will be given a unique discount code to apply to your next order.

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