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What notifications will I receive when I place an order?Updated 5 months ago

What notifications will I receive when I place an order?

You will receive the following automated emails from Steelmade once you place an order:

Order Confirmation Email

Immediately after placing your order you will receive an automated order confirmation showing what you purchased and the shipping information you provided. It is very important to review this information and contact us immediately if you find that you entered any information incorrectly. We are not responsible for incorrect information provided at checkout and once the order ships we cannot provide any assistance.

Shipment Notification Email

Once your order ships from our facility you will receive an automated email with the carrier and tracking information so that you can track the progress of your shipment and know what date to expect your package to arrive. If the delivery date shown in the tracking information passes and you have not received your shipment it is important to contact us immediately so we can assist in locating the packages.

Product Information Email

Depending on the product you originally ordered you may receive an information email with a copy of the setup instructions and/or tips and tricks for using your new product.

Order Delivery Notification 

Email After your shipment is delivered you will receive an automated email notifying you that your package has arrived. It is critical to contact us within 24 hours if you are unable to locate the package. After that time we are unable to provide assistance in locating missing packages.

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